Are Roadies Vapid?

Can you feel it? That pressure to whip out the smartphone for the fifth time on the Saturday ride to document your humorously childish store-stop candy selection? Or to humblebrag your finish at the Tuesday Nighter? Or maybe just to rep your club? #WeOutHere, right?

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I Bought a Car and Feel Terrible About It

If I'm honest with myself, embarrassment deserves partial credit when considering the reasons that I first sold my car. In my defense, values about transportation and housing policy were ultimately the deciding factor. For the previous two-ish years, I had been getting around Austin primarily by bike.

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Shooting Gravel Events

An important characteristic of American gravel events from a photography standpoint is that, rather than traversing mountainous terrain with few throughways in the style of a European road race

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Certainly, there will be more events, right? The only two for which I’m confirmed are Dirty Kanza and The Garden State Fondo, with this year’s registrations deferred to next.

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Welcome to Austin, New Cyclist

One more feather in Austin’s cap, and a big reason I continue to live here, is the city’s great cycling community. Austin is full of commuters, road cyclists, casual trail jaunt-ers anything in between

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Driveway Returns

Bike racing is back! In Austin, at least. After two practice sessions in which organizers worked out their socially distanced staging and start procedures, and riders got a chance to remember what it feels like to ride in a group

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Review: Mettle Speed Strap

Some endeavor to document the ride itself, while others use the bicycle as a way of encountering photographic experiences. And many, like me, do a little bit of both.

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Riding Under COVID-19

“Alone but together” - I feel like I’ve seen this phrase multiple times now on Strava activities and cycling-related Instagram posts, and it’s often come to mind as familiar faces glide past me along popular road cycling routes in the city.

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First Gravel Experience: Red Rock Roubaix

Like so many things, it was through a random Instagram post that I discovered Red Rock Roubaix, a 110-mile gravel ride that was to take place on a January weekend in Austin. Some googling revealed the event’s history, but...

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Race Report: TKMRR

My first opportunity to get dropped came last weekend at the 2020 Tommy Ketterhagen Memorial Road Race, presented by Holland Racing. It’s an awesome event and the first race of the season on the

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A Commuter

At first, it felt quite forced. The effort of going outside and exposing oneself to the slightly uncomfortable elements, of having to dress properly, expend effort, and take extra time to reach my destination...

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Bike for Your Country

Yes, for your country. While patriotic flags and sayings may often adorn large SUVs driven by soccer moms and suburban cowboys, it doesn’t take much effort to slap a flag sticker on your truck...

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